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4/12/2014 2:1

Foolad Khouzestan wins Iran IPL title

Foolad of Khuzestan football team defeated Gostaresh Foolad of Tabriz and won the title of 13th edition of the Iran Professional League (IPL) on Friday.

Foolad defeated its host 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mehrdad Jama’ati in the 37th minute. The team won the IPL title for the second time. The Ahvaz-based team had claimed the title in the 2004–05 Season for first time.

Persepolis finished in second place after defeating Esteghlal Sanati in Ahvaz. Mohammad Abbaszadeh scored the only goal of the match from the penalty spot in the 32nd minute.

Naft lost to Sepahan 1-0 and came third. The Tehran-based team could have won the title with a victory over Sepahan.

Esteghlal suffered a 3-1 loss to Tractor Sazi in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.

Farshad Ahmadzadeh gave the visiting team a lead in the 31st minute. With two minutes remaining to the break, Hanif Omranzadeh equalized the match.

Tractor Sazi defender Mohammad Nosrati struck a stunning set piece in the 52nd minute. And Karim Ansarifard was on target for the visiting team in the 74th minute from the penalty spot.

Foolad and Persepolis qualified for the AFC Champions League and Naft will go into the playoffs for a place in ACL.

Tractor Sazi has already advanced to the ACL as the champion of the Iran’s Hazfi Cup.

Elsewhere, Rah Ahan lost to Zob Ahan 1-0, Fajr Sepasi defeated Malavan 2-1 and went to IPL playoffs, Damash was held to a 1-1 draw by already-relegated Mes and was relegated from the IPL. Saba and Saipa played out a goalless draw.

Tractor Sazi striker Karim Ansarifard became the top scorer with 14 goals.

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Foolad Khuzestan has done a great job this year,they are a young and talented team.Wining the Iran's IPL trophy didn't come easily to them. The entire organisation of Fooladfc did work hard for this award. Congratulation to Foolad Khozestan!

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